While all engagements are unique, we always apply proven and pragmatic methodologies to ensure your success. Every engagement begins with clearly defining your outcomes and what success looks like. We get to know you and your organization.

Individual Coaching Session Framework

1. Set Target(s)

At the start of each session, we will discuss your unique situation. You will share your goal or intention for the session.

2. Reflect & Explore

Through questioning and reflection, you will generate new perspectives. Often this includes considering alternatives to your go-to behaviors. You will also uncover ways to leverage and expand on your strengths.

3. Plan

We’ll identify actionable strategies you can take toward your goals. You will define specific outcomes for which you can hold yourself accountable.

4. Internalize

If your action plan will require skills or behaviors that are not yet strengths, we can practice them and identify ways to further build skills outside of the session.